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#1-Ad Posting - You can work for The H.O.P.E. Program and National Jobs Online. Call HR at 800-405-3064 to get started Posting Ads....training provided

#2-Customer Service & Sales with Legal Shield - We took this Multi Level Marketing Company and turned it into a Sales Job. We will show you how to create a Facebook Page, runs targeted ads, and then enroll those customers into the Legal Shield Membership. Sell a $39 plan and earn UP TO $300 paid the NEXT DAY! And....after you learn our system, we will show you how to recruit sales reps under you and get HUGE overrides! CLICK HERE for more Info and fill out the form to be contacted!

#3-Affiliate Marketer - Would you like to learn how to run an ad on Facebook that generates a lead for someone else? So, you run a Grant ad for Single Moms that looks like this

-The Ad costs you $.50 cents a click

-1 out of 4 clicks turns into a lead so.....$2 a lead

-1 our of 5 leads fills out a School request

- The Schools pay you $15 for that leads

-So $10 makes you $15......you can "scale up" form there

This position REQUIRES you to spend money on ads though.....so you better have a budget set up for this or you cannot do this position

Call 800-405-3064 and tell HR you want an Affiliate Marketer Position!